TLC Vodka

Many people believe “vodka is vodka, it all tastes the same”. We are here to tell you that all vodka does NOT taste the same. Don’t believe us? When you’re ready to go against the grain, feel free to look at why our vodka really is all it’s cracked up to be…

I mean... our name is Tastes Like Chicken Vodka! Need we say more?

Like a slow-cooked brisket that falls apart at the first bite, our vodka is "cooked" to perfection. Our copper kettle paired with our slow distillation process makes cleaner & better tasting vodka every time.

& No B.S... Vodka doesn't need to be 5x, 6x, or 10x distilled. Those are purely marketing buzz words. Our vodka is so clean after copper distillation we don't need to filter it. 

Our American corn blend creates a butter sweetness & smoothness that is unmatched. Oh, and it's Gluten Free for you healthy folks.

That's right. TLC Vodka is a high quality, affordable vodka. So why is it so cheap? Because we're not greedy & we believe everyone deserves to try America's best vodka.

750mL | 1.00L | 1.75L