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TLC is 100% corn fed and slow-cooked in a copper pot still to ensure you get the smoothest, cleanest, best tasting Vodka you've ever had... But then again, Vodka is Vodka and everything Tastes Like Chicken!


Now Shipping to 41 States!*

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, Idaho, Michigan, Texas, and Oklahoma.

80 Proof

40% ABV



These products are available as a pre-sale only and will not be shipped right away. The actual shipping dates may be 2-4 weeks after your purchase. All customers with a pre-sale purchase will be notified via email when the package has been shipped with a tracking number.  We will not accept order cancellations due to the duration of time between order and product shipping.

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Tastes Like Chicken



TLC Vodka was named with tongue and cheek sarcasm. That's why TLC stands for Tastes Like Chicken.

And no, our vodka does not taste like chicken! We got tired of people telling us "all vodka tastes the same". Because all vodka does NOT taste the same. In fact, there are many reasons why our vodka is better than the others.

Moral of the story is, if all vodka tastes the same, then everything might as well taste like chicken! And just like that TLC was born, or hatched some might say...

Whats With The Name
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